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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  August 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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minutes. >> reporter: police searching the area around the road calling neighbors to ask them to be on the look out. 7 hours later, investigators say a k-9 unit tracked marcotte's scent to an area where they found her body. they believe marcotte may have been sexual assaulted and burned. >> we have a horrible set of facts, a horrible set of circumstances right now and we're going to do everything we can to make sure this investigation is carried out. >> reporter: marcotte an account manager at google was visiting and tonight marcotte's godfather tells fox 25 her death was quote an unexpected disaster. >> i'm just grieving for that family. i can't imagine their pain right now. >> reporter: police say marcotte was last seen at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. and they are now searching for any clues in the three hour window after that, between 1:00 and 4:00. they're asking anyone who might have seen anything in the area during those time periods to
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marcotte's ties to the community and how the residents are dealing with the fear that has gripped the community in the wake of her murder. we're live in princeton, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> more details now. princeton is a small town of just more than 3,000 people. and violent crimes there are rare. we have vanessa mark scott's picture on all social media counts. if you saw anything that could help this case, you're asked to we'll let you know as soon as any updates happen. >> bryan: people in lowell mourning the loss of this young man killed playing pok?mon go over the weekend. that victim, ar who moved to the san francisco area about five years ago. fox 25 crystal haynes is live at a local ball field that held a lot of memories for calvin's family and this community. crystal.
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kids in lowell going through that program. this is certainly a devastating loss for everyone who knew calvin, his father and their entire family. >> he was just always so much better than everybody, he was such a good player. it was just incredible. >> reporter: he was devastated to hear of his incredible talented friend and former baseball teammate was shot and killed in san francisco's aquatic park around 10:00 saturday night. investigators say 20 calvin reilly, no relation, was playing pok?mon go when he was randomed shot. brock says coal's friends described what happened to them. >> it was random, there were no words exchanged, no reason for the killing, innocently hanging out and everything and someone for absolutely no reason pulled out a gun and just shot someone. >> >> calvin would've been a sophomore this fall in stockton california, but he grew right here in lowell, where he
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baseball and hoped to go to major leagues. told me the family moved to the west coast because he got an opportunity to coach full time in california. >> he was an awesome kid everybody loved him he was so loved in lowell. everybody roried him. he did so much for baseball in lowell. >> reporter: principal malo told me he was a guys guy even in the sixth grade. >> grow old gracefully. you don't like to hear that they've been shot violently. >> reporter: now, as you're seeing the statement from the coach there at the community college that produced more than a half dozen mlb draft picks since 2010. coming up in the next half hour, i will have more of the ties that bond the reilly family here
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calvin leaves behind. reporting in lowell, crystal hanes, fox 25 news. >> blair: new at 4:00, state police are recovering a -- within the last 15 minutes, we've learned the replacement vehicle stolen from a maintenance facility in south boston sometime this morning. no guns or weapons in that cruiser at the time that it was stolen. the theft now under investigation. >> elizabeth: second week of nice weather. it is comfortable but fox 25 meteorologist jason brewer is tracking the return of some humidity, some intense humidity, right, jason? >> jason brewer: it is going to be coming back big time, you're absolutely right. feels comfortable when you have dew points like this. east winds at 13 miles per hour, reported here in boston as that refreshing sea breeze is coming in. that breeze will weaken after sunset, middle 70s around 9:00 around the greater boston area.
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neighborhoods, clearing skies, temperatures out of the 80s at 6 p.m. dipping down into the 50s thereafter. i'll have some neighborhood by neighborhood overnight lows you can expect coming up. but right now, comfortable dew points out there. they're going to be that way tomorrow. by wednesday, it starts to get into the oppressive category that comes with a risk of storms. i'll have more on that straight ahead. >> blair: right now hillary clinton continues to lead donald tr the latest washington post poll has an 8 point lead over her republican rival. that has doubled the lead just a month ago. polls also show her in the lead by double digits. that includes new hampshire where clinton is up now by more than 10 points. donald trump weighed out his economic plan, arguing that he's the one to get the american middle class back on its feet [cheers and applause] >> blair: as you can see in the
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while he's speaking. steve reports on what he will do for our economy if elected. >> we now begin a great national conversation about economic renewal for america. >> reporter: addressing the detroit economic club monday, donald trump kicked off of the week focusing on economic policy plans. and despite multiple protests throughout the speech, he hopes monday will serve as a reset for a campaign that is falling behind hillary clinton in the past. ours is the campaign of the future. >> reporter: so are the details from outlining today, including on taxes, lowering income tax rates and simplifying the tax code, reducing the income of tax brackets from 7 to 3. and allowing families to deduct all day care enspecials and state tax. >> our system is so complex that
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in tax code compliance. >> reporter: on trade, renegotiating nasa and withdrawing from the controversial tpp agreement. and applying terrorists on quote, countries that cheat. >> i want for our country that create more jobs and higher wages for american workers. >> reporter: and on government regulations, reviewing current regulations and repealing ones. regulations. clinton will present her own economic plan in detroit on thursday. in washington, i'm steve nan. >> elizabeth: a break in the case of a local mother killed more than a month ago. police now say her own father is a prime suspect in that case. 19-year-old sabrina dasilva shot to death in the parking lot of her new bedford apartment building. police now say her father, 45-year-old walter dasilva
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u.s. marshals have named him a system suspect. in 2002, dasilva charged with attempted murder for trying to kill sabrina's mother. new now, a driver struck a bicyclist in duxbury around 11 this morning. waiting to hear on that person's condition and if the driver faces any charges. >> blair: a new hampshire man accused of attacking his girlfriend while driving drunk all with a new bedford in the car. shawn assault and endangerment. police received a call about a car on route 93 south. he found garner at the wheel and stopped him in hookset. >> elizabeth: right now business as usual in logan airport. but this morning, lines like these were the norm. as christine reports, massive computer outages that grounded planes around the globe for delta. >> reporter: still delays in cancellations a power outage in
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a.m. caused a massive computer glitch that grounded flights all over the globe. >> i tried to check in and my boarding pass, after i typed in my frequent flyer number, which i often do to get the pass, it's telling me i can't do this at the kiosk agent. i'm disappointed because i'll have to wait in line and see an agent. and i don't know how long that will take. >> i was trying to get a flight to boston my first day on the job in boston. so it looks like going to get there today because they moved my flight back from 8:50 to 9:00 something, to 10 something now 12:00 something departure. >> reporter: still, passengers were large of large scale cancellations and delays. and urged to check schedules. delta is waiving change fees for customers ticketed for travel today. and have until friday to rebook that flight.
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to be equipment failure. at hearts field jackson international airport, i'm christy poll. >> elizabeth: fox 25 morning news was on the air when the story first broke. we were live at logan airport all morning as people were watching to camp their flights. with morning news, we have it every morning, starting at 4:00 a.m., to get you straight to the minute to get up. >> blair: right now, police are trying to find a stray bullet that hit two women inside an apartment in worcester. it hit one woman in t grazed a second on her back. both of them are expected to recover. neighbors say they saw a man in a black hoodie. near perry and suffield street. new at 4:00, look at this great white shark, launching off of the cape. the atlanti,c shne of the researchers witnessed the attack in chatham and just after lunchtime, the group is just second shark alert after another
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chatham. i know fascinating. >> elizabeth: as soon as you see that fin, especially for those who saw jaws. >> blair: a mother and her daughter riding a t bus and took out a cell phone andbewho is fa and police are not surprised based on the past runnings with the law. >> blair: the family of a boy who was arrested for bringing a crock to school. still ahead why they were forced in the aftermath. >> jason brewer: how long this august weather lasts and when to expect heavy to move back in. >> reporter: shock after a boy dies on a 17 story water slide.
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it's time to check out the roads with live drive time traffic. it is slow going into the city right now. you can see almost stopped on the right side of your screen there. you can see heavy volume on the expressway south of town right by the braintree split. >> blair: that part of town. live drive times if we can and what people are facing leverett connector 495, 41 minutes. ted williams tunnel to the weston tolls only 17 minutes right now. >> elizabeth: this 10-year-old boy was killed yesterday on the world's tallest water slide. this afternoon, with he know he was the son of a kansas state representative. as kelly wright reports work being done right now to figure out what happened.
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world's tallest water slide, the incident happening sunday at the slitter pawn water park in kansas. >> we don't know what happened. we have a full investigation to understand what happened. >> reporter: the family of 10 year 2000 caleb schwab are mourning the loss. park goers are shocked by t news. the water slide, the verr?ckt is german for crazy and drops almost 17 feet at 60 miles per hour. it was added back on shortly after. the ride has an age limit of 14 years old which is older than caleb. >> to be honest this is not something we've experienced. safety of our guests is a priority.
4:16 pm
happened on the ride, other staff are affected. >> reporter: the water park is now closed as an investigation underway. >> our lifeguards are critical and it will be very difficult for them to focus after something like this. so for that reason, we felt it was wise to close the park. >> reporter: it's not clear at this time whether the water park will reopen. in new york, kelly wright, fox news. >> elizabeth: go-fund me page has been set up to pay for the boy's funeral expenses it's already rse that ride shut down after the incident and remains closed today. >> blair: as she tells her mother's killer exactly what she thinks of him. she was found dead along her usual jogging path in queens new york last week. her family laid her to rest over the weekend and sent a strong message to the killer. >> the whole entire world knows
4:17 pm
piece of filthed [bleep] that carina fought back. they're going through surveillance video from that area for some possible clues. >> elizabeth: new at 4:00, a propane dryer that was the cause of a powerful explosion in a home. it levelled the house in vernon thursday. it aligned a propane dryer in the basement had a leak a they say it appears to be an accident. several people home at the time. all expected to survive. but four are still in the hospital. boston police confirm tonight, th liquor structurally sound. we're told the driver of the suv pulled out of the parking lot of top liquors in hyde park just after midnight. apparently the suv clipped another car and that car hit the building. no one was seriously hurt. >> now your local forecast from meteorologist jason brewer and
4:18 pm
team. >> jason brewer: just a gorgeous day of sunshine, a few puffy clouds coming in here from southern new hampshire across the northeastern portion of mass. also a few high cirrus clouds from time to time. the rest of the area, plenty of sunshine and little clouds in and out from time to time. should make for a pretty sunset. our weather watchers snapped not photos and got them to it. rockport at 74, middle 80s, norwood, franklin, hopkinton at 83 degrees. same nor cape cod. nantucket only at 83 degrees right now. look at these temperatures in the lower 80s around fitchburg, auburn, milford sitting at 84 degrees, very comfortable. speaking of the western areas. here's worcester your evening planner coming 70s and into the 70s at suns.
4:19 pm
keep yours steady in the low to middle 60s for your low. as soon as you get in the lower elevations orange, keene, upper 50s, framingham, norwood, mid 50s waking up to tomorrow morning, a nice night of sleeping weather and store one more night of rather comfortable temperatures, middle 60s in the city and closer to 60, 65 for the cape and islands. tomorrow, we'll see high temperatures into the low and middle 80s in most of worcester county, a little bit warmer down in the lower elevations. along the south shore, keeping temperatures generally in the lower and middle 70s there. same thing for cape. there at rockport. back at topsfield, 82. and dover into the upper 80s same for pepperell, concord, waltham in the middle 80s coming see 75 to near 80, nantucket to barnstable over to afternoon n r rain and another great looking day to be out on the water or at the beach. great looking night in fenway
4:20 pm
mostly sunny or dry, 80 degree reading at 10:00 and humidity in check looks great. rain chance nil tomorrow. but wednesday, it starts to crop up, especially midday into the afternoon. a bit of a break on thursday, awfully hot and humid around here to wrap up the week 67 on friday the rain chance creeps up again. high pressure overhead overnight tonight. the light winds, comfortable temperatures, with the humi tuesday. sea breeze kicks in. the cooler coast. could be back to 90, though, in parts of the connecticut river valley tomorrow afternoon and then we all have a better shot at all of that heat and humidity on wednesday. here's the rain, by wednesday morning, tracking some of that out west. and then it starts to move in here, right now the timing looks to be late morning, midday and then wrapping up at least in the afternoon to some extent. 7 day, a little bit dryer thursday and then a round of
4:21 pm
some spots, friday, saturday, sunday and monday. we'll talk more about what's going on in this in the next half hour. >> thank you, jason. president obama spent the day golfing with nba star steph curry today. the president will travel to laketa company at the end of august to address climate change. federal state and local leaders meet there every year to review. the lake suffering from years of drought. >> looking good. focused on the right stuff. so mucta driving, but drowsy driving also kills. coming up, a new study shows the cost of nodding off behind the bill. but first vanessa welch with what we're working on for at fox 25 news at 5:00. >> new at 5:00, we're renowned criminologist jack lemon will be with us live. the profile he's putting together as of what we know right now. all new at 5:00, what's
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>> blair: it is day two of the olympics, medals up for grab, women's rugby and juno, michael phelps goes for his medal of the games. he won his 19th gold last night
4:25 pm
the 19-year-old kayla ladecy to win her first gold med dafthese games. aly raiseman in the competition. she and the women's team blew away the competition. keeping up to date with the big wins from rio, alerts from our website or >> elizabeth: the teenager known as clock boy violated when mistaking a home made clock for a bomb. ahmed mohammad made headlines when he brought that clock to school one teacher thought it was a bomb and notified authorities. ahmed was detained and questioned and hauled off by authorities. he's received hate mail and left the country. >> for the safety of my family,
4:26 pm
for anyone that's a minority. >> elizabeth: a lawsuit the city of irving texas, and his school principal, violated his rights. mud slides claim the lives of dozens in mexico. heavy rain tributed by earl for the disaster of that hurricane. mud slides destroyed cars and homes and left debris everywhere. the heavy mud -- everyone did rv of rain in just 24 hours. this man accused of assaulting a woman on the bus by just taking a picture. why police and what they found on his cell phone. >> jason brewer: i'm tracking the return of oppressive humidity and heavy storms straight ahead. >> abandoned buildings and hundreds of empty beds. fox 25 investigates uncovers how the city of boston is still
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>> blair: right now we're staying on the scene of the breaking news out of princeton massachusetts tonight. worcester county officials say the public may be at risk. at this hour, investigators not saying if this was random or if she was targeted. they are warning the public to be careful. >> we do not know if this was a random act.
4:30 pm
princeton and the surrounding areas to use an abundance of caution. we're asking the public to be careful and to be vigilant. >> blair: and police are hoping to zero in on the 24 hour period between yesterday afternoon and today when she went for a walk and was found just a few hours later. if you saw anything that might help, call mass. state police or princeton police. a level 2 sex offender accused of taking inappropriate video of the woman on the t. witnesses say bob ward reports what was found on his phone even more disturbing. >> reporter: yeah, mbta police say they also found images of child porn on that man's phone. 50-year-old mark bury of everett was arrested. he reported to them up skirting images of a woman who was it sitting across from him on a everett to charlestown bus. this happened sunday morning. at the time, the woman who was driving the bus right next to her teenage daughter.
4:31 pm
surveillance recorded on that bus, they describe bury manipulating his cell phone in the direction of the woman's crotch. bury admitted he not only recorded the images but he deleted them too. and when he searched his phone, they found up skirting images of other women and also found disturbing child porn images. mark bury was ordered held on $100,000 bill. this is not mark sex offense. coming up at fox 25 news at 5:00, i'll tell you of his record. bob ward fox 25 news. >> blair: plenty of summer out there, perfect weather to start your workweek or maybe your vacation workweek, if you're lucky like that. >> elizabeth: you sound jealous. >> blair: i am, i was sitting outside with the kids today. jason brewer is here tracking what's ahead for the weekend. humidity will return, right? >> jason brewer: yeah, it's
4:32 pm
so get out and enjoy. 83 in cambridge, 88 in watertown. so as you get farther west, a little warmer away from the coast. there's duxbury at 76 degrees. 80 in plymouth. the clear skies the patchy valley fog. the 50s. and inland lower elevations, light winds and, again, was a nice sleeping weather to open up the windows in a few spots tonight, no problem. tomorrow still comfortable. the humidity will not but by wednesday, especially in the afternoon, we'll have that threat for heavy humidity and even some rumble thunder, i'll time that out with future cast coming up and we'll talk about what's behind that and gets even hotter and more humid. >> blair: today we learn the victim of an early fire in west bridgewater. tonight we know 54-year-old robert murphy died in his first floor apartment. a family who lived upstairs
4:33 pm
flames forced them to escape. at this point, investigators say the fire does not appear suspicious. >> a disturbing threat detected by police is found at a local park. the word kill cops was written in red marker on a lamp at the livingston street state park in tewksbury last week. they say the message could be a teenage prank. all officers are now on alert and treating this as a serious threat. >> what happens if it's real and we had an opportunity to do something before something happens? so we >> elizabeth: graffiti now been removed from the park and no one has been arrested. >> blair: a north andover woman accused of vandalizing a sign and nearly running over the homeowner with her car. car. she's accused of spray painting messages about vladimir putin and donald trump family on these signs. the homeowner caught her in the act and nearly ran over that homeowner when she tried to get
4:34 pm
property before. she's due in court tomorrow. >> elizabeth: apparently a common and dangerous problem, responsible for thousands of death every year. jacqueline fell is in washington looking at the cost of drowsy driving. >> reporter: it's hard to put a number on the problem of drowsy driving. we often talk more about distracted and drunking driving because it's easier to report. on a new study at the highw can easily be sleep deprived creating a danger on the road. 5,000 lives are lost a year because a driver nodded off behind the wheel. the report says drowsy crashes cost more than $100 billion. in th and young adults are involved in more than half of the drowsy driving crashes. the risk of falling asleep at the wheel are similar to drunken driving, similar reaction time, close your eyes more often and
4:35 pm
previously thought. and we also know there are some measures that can be taken to try to address it. >> reporter: in 2014. a tired truck driver rear-ended a limo carrying tracy morgan. morgan was injured and his friend was killed. the report says the fix is simple. get more sleep. several states are launching campaigns in reducing drowsy driving crashes. in washington, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: four men arrested on gun charges in boston. they face a judge today. police say they seized these weapons after confronting a group of men in a parking lot in mission hill. four of them ran off. and one of them tried to hide a gun in a gas grill nearby home. >> blair: friends off a local teenager killed in a crash now planning a new memorial for her. 19-year-old jackie gray was a passenger in an suv that hit a pole on july 3rd in milford. they were on the way to watch
4:36 pm
her friends now raised $24,000 to purchase a bench that placed as a state park in hampden connecticut. they say that was her favorite place to go hiking. gray would've been a sophomore >> elizabeth: a memorial for the nightclub fire is almost finished. $100,000 shy of the $2 million they need to build and maintain to build a memorial park. the construction expected to be built in october. in fire destroyed the building during a concert of the great white band. this hole in providence on saturday night, once inside, they dropped to the floor and went to the display places but the owner locked up all of the jewels in a safe thursday night so there was nothing for the thieves to grab. police arrived a short time later and found the suspects behind the building. one bride couldn't have her
4:37 pm
next best thing. >> so i was just so thankful that my dad could be here with us today in spirit. >> elizabeth: what's inside the man who was by her side that makes him so important to her and her family. >> blair: plus what a firefighter did on instagram that got him fired and outraged the family of a teenager who had just died in a crash. >> now time to check out the roads with live drive time traffic. showing things moving along the expressway. not bad. now to the map, where weav route 1 north in charlestown. delays are happening as a result of. >> blair: shift live drive times
4:38 pm
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en gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name. >> blair: dozens of people in southern california hope to have homes because the san bernardino fire only 25% contained. it started near a conservation camp and now 4500 acres although no injuries or burnt homes reported right now. a firefighter is off of the job after posting some pictures of a deadly crash on snapchat. last week, a 16-year-old boy was killed and three other teens seriously hurt in the crash in texas. those images are posted online, and they included video of the dead teen. the firefighter
4:41 pm
saying the tree won this round and don't end up like this guy. family members saw the posts and contacted the fire department. >> always think of that, that's your mother, your grandmother, your sister, that's your daughter. remember those people are your family. think in that terms because you're actually stepping that encloses into their lives. and don't do anything there that you wouldn't do to those people in your fell. >> blair: most people do think like that in that profession. the firefighter, he was fired on friday. criminal investigation underway. >> elizabeth: new details are coming out about a deadly hot air balloon crash in texas. sources close to the investigation now says the pilot may not have seen the power lines before hitting them. earlier this month, the balloon hit lines, caught fire and crashed. all 16 people on board were killed. the source says the pilot was trying to lower the balloon to a break in the clouds at the time. walt disney world is putting new security in place in the wake of a toddler's death.
4:42 pm
where two-year-old lane graves was killed by an alligator. it will wrap the beaches at the lagoon. they already put up warning signs and rope. massachusetts. but some states want illegal wh driving. what that means for one state here in the new england states. >> jason brewer: what looks like rounds of rain on the way. i'll tell you where to exp first straight ahead. >> blair: the city of boston on track to spend $5 million on an island that's practically abandoned. >> who are in those buildings right now? >> there are no programs.
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
fox 25 invesga
4:45 pm
millions of taxpayer dollars keeping the lights on and heat pumping at an island that was abandoned almost two years ago, boston's long island used to provide beds for the homeless and fighting addiction, until the only bridge was condemned. investigative reporter eric rasmussen spent more than a month looking for answers how the city is still on track to spend more than $5 million on the island since it was shuttered. >> ever. >> reporter: no easy way to there. off limits to most. to understand what happened to boston's long island. >> you still saw dinner plates on the table. you saw people's laundry still in the washer and dryer. >> reporter: and what's at stake now? >> the fall out is going to be in the streets of the city. >> reporter: we had to see it for ourselves, in 2014, worker and residents were given just hours to leave. now it's mostly a ghost town. but you wouldn't know it, looking at the bill still being picked up by tax payers.
4:46 pm
in just the last year on long island. according to records obtained by fox 25 investigates. >> these are older buildings that are on the islands and a earn is level of maintenance that's required. >> reporter: monica is executive director with boslic health commission still responsible for operations on long island. who are in those bes right now? >> there are no programs. >> reporter: are there people working there? >> there are maintenance staff. >> reporter: this year, the city plans to spend another 480,000 on heating oil. >> the oil, i remember that, that the oil actually has to be sent to a barge. >> reporter: that barge $300 an hour part of a $600,000 contract to transport workers and supplies. since the only bridge to long island was demolished. sky fox got a glimpse of two firefighters assigned to a firehouse when a kids summer day camp is in session on the other side of the island.
4:47 pm
25 investigates" took our own boat to take a closer look. emp, fox 25. some told us they were off duty. what do you guys do here. >> for us, kind of prefire planning. >> reporter: it's not clear how much that's costing tax payers but records show the city spent at least a million dollars on salaries and wages since rhode island was evacuated but critics says it doesn't measure in dollars and sense. >> we all haven we ail need help. >> reporter: cheryl and alicia waited for months to get help with their drug addiction, now in house in boston run by victim programs, but the yet to recover all of the ed abouts it left behind oblong island and the waiting lt continues to grochlt eileen mack wire, before the bridge was condemned and everyone was told to leave.
4:48 pm
not having that piece of labelled and that pace for services. was a huge loss to boston. >> reporter: last year the city announced there would be no new bridge. the $90 million price tag too high. boston leased this patch of farmland which once helped the homeless on the island to private fast food chain be good at no charge. even as the city spends millions to maintain long island. it still doesn't have a plan how it will ever use these buildings tax payers who see this as a waste of money? >> we really worked diligently. the stamp and the larger state culture groom to assure that we're providing critical services to really vulnerable residents in the city. >> reporter: but not on long island. >> look for funding, look for whatever you need to create a place for these people. because if not, a fall out is going to be in the streets of the city. >> reporter: for "fox 25 investigates" i'm eric
4:49 pm
recovered the recovery beds, the question how long it can maintain the empty buildings without an effort for the future. that's part of the report we're working on at 6:00. now your local forecast with jason brewer and storm tracker weather team. >> jason brewer: all right. we have a fantastic evening shaping up. wednesday, humid and storms start to move back in. and then we are going to have to be monitoring our heavy rain threat there enjoy this evening. look at the 70s at the coastline. sea breeze coming in with middle to upper 80s back toward arlington an norwood wellesley, sharon at 83 degrees. on the vineyard 78 degrees. 80 in auburn. and there in pepperell, 84 degrees right now. not bad with low humidity out there. here's boston. have the sea breeze weakening. as we head into the after sunset
4:50 pm
that's going to let temperatures settle on down into the middle 60s as you wake up in the morning in the urban locations. now outside of the city, norwood, framingham, lawrence up to portsmouth mid and upper 60s. worcester at 63. orange and keene is little cooler. looking for lower 50s there. keep it at 60 to 65 from the vineyard over toward hyannis, high temperatures tomorrow, a lot like today, just one or two degrees warmer. humidity will stay in check. warmer than normal with mostly sunny skies with that humidity around. not bad here as the middle part of august. brockton, taunton, into the upper 80s tomorrow. as we go into western parts of essex county, a bit warmer the eastern side favors the 70s closer to water. back toward pepperell at 87 tomorrow afternoon and you be
4:51 pm
a couple could reach 80 degrees. future cast 7:00 in the morning on wednesday, moisture is building. tracking rain in western mass. as we get started. then it moves eastward through the midday hours. now this timing could change but right now, it looks like a lot of clouds, a lot of humidity, a threat for a few isolated rumbles but heavier showers likely to be moving in here during the middle part of the day on wednesday. then we get a bit of a break by wednesday evening and on into thursday. but here's the moisture. right to our south. so that orange color indicating the very deep moisture. lots of tropical moisture swirling down to our south. that's going to get picked up and moved in here on wednesday. we get a bit of a break on thursday. you see how that blue shading comes down and then watch what happens on friday. look at this urge is of very deep moisture that we need to work with. all we need is a trigger to get some locally heavy rain. and i think this moisture is going to be around through the
4:52 pm
flash flooding threat. so enjoy tomorrow, looking great. upper 80s, then on wednesday, the humidity is building in and it just stays with it right through most of the weekend. still eyen rowing out some timing with this next front and the disturbances to trigger the bigger downpours but needed rain in the least back to you. >> elizabeth: this is interesting. a new law in the works that may change the morning routine of commuters. right now only happening in new jersey but the law would ban that's not related to the actual operation of a motor vehicle. what does that mean? yeah, two hands, 10 and 2. no drinking coffee, no eating breakfast on your way to work. forget about putting on your make up while sitting in traffic. >> blair: can't do that at all. hands on the wheel. >> there are countries that do this. >> blair: it works for some. >> this is a lot here. a bride didn't have her father walk her down the aisle,
4:53 pm
for another man to accompany her on her big day. and now here's bob ward with what we're working on at 5:00. >> reporter: we continue with breaking news out of princeton after a jogger found murdered going for an afternoon run. the new details that we got from investigators that could be critical to this investigation. protect you from the zika virus. but federal officials say don't
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
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get gooeyflakyhappy. toaster strudel. ? ? the man who received his heart walked her down the aisle over the weekend. >> it has been the fastest day of my life. >> the reporter: jenny is officially a married woman and she says, this day wouldn't have been possible without this man.
4:57 pm
so many emotions involved in what you're doing. >> the reporter: arthur, formerly known as tom, traveled from new jersey so walk jenny down the aisle at st. amaelm church in swiss dale, because her father couldn't be there. jenny met tom for the first time on its eve heartbeat for the first time in ten years. jenny's father, michael, was murdered in swiss dale in 2006. tom received michael's heart after his death. >> i was on death's door when he was murdered, and i needed a heart or i was going to be dying within the next few days. [applause]
4:58 pm
my dad could be here with us today, in spirit, and in a piece of his physical being as well, that was really, really special for us. >> i was just over taken by emotions when i finally saw her walking down, this beautiful woman in the world i've ever seen before. >> what greater honor could a person have than walking with the heart of a man who has given his heart to imagine a greater honor. >> it's. >> what a story and the father gave his heart to this other man and she gave her heart to her husband. >> you can't make that up. >> it's beautiful. >> that report from amy. happening now, the search forward whoever killed a jogger and the warning for one local community. >> fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> the reporter: now at 5:00 p.m., a google executive found murdered, after she went on an afternoon jog. >> the timeline of her activity
4:59 pm
community tonight. >> the reporter: plus, a baseball star from lowell, killed, while playing pokemon go in california. why his death is being felt right here in row yell and the latest on the investigation. >> the reporter: we're watching a fantastic evening shaping up. how cool in your town tonight and how long humidity stays down. >> the reporter: and the level 2 sex offender, accused of trying to take a photo up a. would's skirt, while she was riding the bulls. the other disturbing police discovered on his phone. >> vanessa: first at 5:00 p.m. tonight, we begin with breaking news in worcester county where the murder of this beautiful young woman has gripped the town of princeton. good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> bob: oil bob ward in for mark ockerbloom. police are warning residents could be careful.
5:00 pm
living in new york city, but from lempster. she was visiting family in princeton. marcotte was last seen jogging on brook station road. >> bob: her body was found at about 8:00 a.m. last night, a half mile from her mother's home. fox 25 katherine burcham is live in princeton, where you confirmed new details about this investigation, katherine. >> the reporter: about an hour ago, we fold you that investigators were looking into the hospital that vanessa marcotte had been burned and we did just confirm with our sources, thathe marks on her head, and also on her feet. when a k-9 unit tracked the scent of her body to those woods. disturbing details like that sending shock waves through this community, where tonight, residents tell us, they are keeping marcotte's family in their thoughts and prayers. >> we are concerned about the safety of our town residents, and the visitors that enter our town. >> the reporter: the message tonight -- no one in this quiet community is safe. >> we're asking people in town


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